• Sudariti Grom

    Sudariti Grom

    Sudariti is a formerly human wizard facing self-identification issues and a lot of lost time
  • Baron Thal Kendros

    Baron Thal Kendros

    Once handsome and charming the Baron is aging gracefully. Most people can't stop staring at that mole on his cheek, and how he twirls the hair growing from it.
  • Karl


    A frost wizard. He has tattoos all over his body, and an odd sqaure shape on his abdomen that looks like it is a trap door.
  • Odara


    Tall, flat chested redhead, spy in Baron Faltor's court. Carries a long staff that can turn into other weapons
  • Queen Illossa

    Queen Illossa

    The Whore Queen of Korvosa. Beautiful to a fault, never aging she appears to want the destruction of all the lands