Tall, flat chested redhead, spy in Baron Faltor's court. Carries a long staff that can turn into other weapons


Tall, flat-chested, in good physical shape, very good at survival, uses a staff that changes into different weapons, wears a dark brown cloak and very simple clothing,...


Odarra was born the eldest of twins. Her twin brother died when he was ten years of age from the neighboring Baron Kryson Sr. who invaded their village and killed all the young boys. Odara swore to seek vengence for her brother’s death. She trained as a hunter and sought opportunities to get closer to Baron Kryson’s court. Unfortunately Kryson died and left Kingsdale to his son Kryson Jr. She enlisted with Baron Thal Kendros of Brindenford and moved up in the ranks of the army till she obtained captain of the guard. Through this influence she was able to seek individuals that would help her in her quest to kill Kryson’s reign.


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