Curse of the Crimson Throne

It Starts

It is the 137th rotation of the sun. The Dead age. It has been 3 years since the coming of Abbadon.

The adventure begins with the party waking up (with a large group of people) on a shoreline with no idea of how they got there. The group is unarmed, and unarmoured and unsure of even where they are. Before long it becomes apparent that they are being watched, after which a large group of Gnolls appears from the forest near the beach. The party being the heroes they are don’t back down and manage to defeat a large number of them before causing the Gnolls to flee. The party then finds the Gnolls slaves, amongst the slaves is the son of the local Baron who promises that they could go to see his father for a reward. After traveling the party comes to the town of Brindenford and meet the Baron Thal Kendross. Thal rewards the party and sends them on a quest to destroy the evil troll that has been harrasing the Barony. The Heroes go and are victorious in slaying him and his minions. The party finds evindence that the Trolls may have been working for one Queen Illossa. Thal explains that Illossa is behind several of the problems that are facing the North. Thal then asks the party to accompany him to the city of Kingsdale to attend an important meeting with the nobles of the north and south. The meeting is called to discuss what to do about Illossa and whether the nobles should band together to mount an attack and bring her to justice. The meeting is chaired by the reagent of Kingsdale Kryus the Bold. The meeting gets a surprise visitor one is disrupted by an agent of Queen Illossa, Fredrick Von Humbeck. Fredrick attempts to sway the southern nobles into not taking action to which the heroes interceed and expose the lies of Fredrick. Kryus appears to be simpathetic to the party and Fredrick is ousted from the meeting. The heroes retire thinking that they have done well. However the victory is short lived as it turns out that Kryus has been murdered and one of their friends and former comrades is accused of the crime and has been imprisoned. Sang Valakort who was Kryus advisor has taken the reagent position.


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